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Search for Methven job vacancies and employment opportunities – from local shops, services, restaurants, schools & farms to Mt Hutt Ski Area seasonal jobs.

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Advertise a Methven Mt Hutt job vacancy

Methven area businesses can list their employment vacancies on this site free of charge. Please email your job vacancy information to . Here’s a helpful list of information we require to get your listing loaded:

  • Job Title
  • Business Name
  • Type: Full Time, Part Time, Casual, Seasonal
  • Description, including details about how people are to apply for the job or receive further information
  • Closing Date (if applicable)
  • Listing expiry date (how long you want us to list the vacancy for)
Job Vacancies | Methven Mt Hutt

Looking for a job in the Methven area?

If you are looking for a job in the Methven Mt Hutt area you are more than welcome to place a post on our dedicated facebook page (Jobs – Methven Mt Hutt NZ).

Note: Recruitment for Mt Hutt Ski Area opens early February each year and is all completed online. Visit NZSki.com’s employment page for more information on working at Mt Hutt Ski Area.