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Hunting in the Methven Mt Hutt area

Hunting is a popular activity in the Methven Area. There are countless places to choose from including Department of Conservation (DOC) managed areas, and plenty of different species to hunt. A range of experienced hunting guides are based in the Methven area.

A combination of a temperate climate, no natural predators, plentiful food and minimal competition has allowed many game species to thrive in our natural environment and consequently, some of the world’s finest trophy species can be found in New Zealand. Hunting environments in New Zealand include free range, game estate, hunting blocks, and fair chase.

Targets in the Methven area include red stags, fallow deer, Himalayan tahr, chamois, boar, goats, rams, wallabies, and possums. We also offer waterfowl and game-bird hunting.

We strongly recommend that visitors to the area hire a local hunting guide; the surrounding mountains are physically demanding and the high country weather is unpredictable. Local knowledge is also essential for a successful hunt. Guides take care of all the access & concession fees, can supply rifles, ammunition, equipment, meals/refreshments, and assist with your taxidermy requirements too.

DOC actively encourages recreational hunting on conservation land. It supplies hunting permits, has an extensive hut and track network and has a wide range of hunting information available at DOC offices and on their website www.doc.govt.nz/hunting. Their Hunting in conservation area brochure provides general information about recreational hunting in conservation areas, including which species you can hunt, what permits you need, and safety information for when you’re out in the bush.

  • Anyone operating a firearm in New Zealand must have a valid firearms licence and comply with the NZ Arms Code at all times. If you are an overseas visitor you must declare all firearms to New Zealand Customs Officials and the New Zealand Police, and complete a Visitors Firearms Licence and Permit to Import application. This can be done online or when you arrive in New Zealand. For more information visit www.police.govt.nz
  • To hunt animals on public conservation land you need a DOC hunting permit.
  • Licences for hunting game birds are issued from Fish & Game NZ.
  • The Mountain Safety Council (MSC) provides a comprehensive hunting gear list on their website, so make sure you head to www.mountainsafety.org.nz for more information.
  • When hunting on conservation land you need to be aware that many areas are surrounded by private land, and access is only at the permission of those landowners. It is the hunter’s responsibility to arrange access each and every time with private landowners before setting out.

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