Lake Coleridge - Methven Mt Hutt Guide NZ

Lake Coleridge

Lake Coleridge is the largest lake in North Canterbury and lies between the Torlesse and Mt Hutt ranges near the Rakaia River.

Lake Coleridge supports one of very few New Zealand populations of landlocked chinook salmon which are the most common catch in the lake. Brown and rainbow trout are also abundant although rainbow trout tend to be more “catchable”. There are many well known fishing areas round Lake Coleridge:

Ryton Bay can be reached by following the Lake Coleridge Road to just before where it crosses the Ryton River. A left fork in the road here takes you to Ryton Bay where the river enters the lake.

The top end of the lake where the Harper enters is reached by continuing up the Lake Coleridge Road after crossing the Ryton Bridge, past Lakes Evelyn and Selfe, through the ECNZ village and turn left after crossing the Harper River. The first right leads to a camping area known as “The Boat Harbour” from which access to the southern shore of the lake is easy. Park at the Boat Harbour, cross the walk bridge and head down the south shore of the lake. The Harper confluence is another popular fishing spot.

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